Our Mission

To provide creative opportunities to human development through the Arts, educating people secure and happy with their choices


Our Vision

Every human being has born to be an artist, to do his/her job with excellence, to serve others, to achieve the future and to make dreams possible



Friendship, Team Work, Service, Excellence, Family, Self-discovery, Transparency, Overcoming and Metanoia

"Be an artist is to be in the life stage secure in your choices, serving, creating and loving"

Chris Dantas

Art is not a result, but a process

By means of the Arts, the human being notices, feels and discovers himself. Being secure in your choices, deciding to serve other everyday, loving and working for your passion, making life better and discovering for what you came to this world: all of this is possible, is necessary.



The School

Espaço Arte Brasilia was founded in 2007 under the dream of providing in a single place the opportunity of doing several courses in the artistic area, aiming at human education for the future in Brasilia and Brazil.
The beggining was simple in a comercial room and the gradative growth in partnership with important institutions like Espaço Renato Russo and the National Theater of Brasilia made this project stronger. Now, we have our own center at the address 704 norte in a space with 450m2 of pure art and development.
An enlightened, colored place, equipped with the best for the execution of each activity.
Nowadays, we offer activities for babies, kids, teens and adults in the areas of Music, Dance, Theater, Visual Arts and School Tutoring.

Come and discover the best version of yourself