Let your kid’s creativity go beyond!

The Artistic Day Camp provided by “Espaço Arte”, a creative center with a 10-year tradition in Brasilia, has gathered an amazing collection of advantages for this type of service: full tranquility for parents e fun learning activities for kids. The Day Camp will welcome children ages 4 to 12, for a weekly full time program, ranging from 10am to 5pm. If full time service is already great help for the full-time- working mom and dad, the school has guaranteed even more comfort: the kids will be driven to the nature-filled environment, on a daily basis, in a luxury, interstate traveling bus. The program also includes 3 full meals, prepared with focus on nutritional value, by a Chef fresh out of Paris, with special menus for children with any food restrictions.


A qualified team of art-educators, with renowned local artists in the fields of music, dancing, theater and painting, is assigned to help develop the children’s skills in each areas. Musical instruments include the cello, acoustic and electric guitars, piano and singing. For dancing, Street Dance is the best bet for investing in self-esteem, motor skills and, of course, pure joy.


Theater activities will be conducted by actor and researcher with 13 years of experience, Xandre Martinelli, and, finally, for the little Picassos and Rodins, canvas and biscuit techniques, perfumed dough, DIY jelly slime and arts and crafts with recycled products, promoting the concept of sustainability. Add ecological hikes, planting veggies and flowers, “old school” games such as treasure hunt and water balloons and what you have as a result is a lot of fun plus cognitive development, discovery of artistic interests and skills, contact with nature and the values of a purist, less technological childhood.


All activities, materials, food, styled shirt and transportation are included. The space will be monitored by private security and the Fire Department and will have a fully stocked pharmacy as well as exclusive transportation in case of emergency.



For the fun, learning and comfort of your kid

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Supervised by professional and kind artists, your child will experience the ARTISTIC CYCLE in music, theater, dance and visual arts practical

workshops in a rotation system basis. The classes are based on a dynamic method, planned with games and play.


In music, the little artists go through 3 phases. In a first moment, they experience musical instruments, such as cello, piano, acoustic and

electronic guitar, singing and beatbox. After that, they choose which one has awaken their curiosity and pleasure for a workshop in smaller groups and, at the last phase, they gather in bands, moment they will have the opportunity to show their parents the discovered skills in a fun and relaxed way.


In dance, the teacher Lucas de Andrade puts together Street Dance, Hiphop and Freestyle choreographic cells from the kids’ imaginative creation, so they can experience to be the leader or the led, in a mix of self-esteem and empowerment. The development of physical resistance and balance between focusing, performing commands and breathing connect mind and body. Also, joy is contagious! The families will have the opportunity to feel this energy in the closure of the day camp.


In theater, the theater games are the flagship. The imagination is encouraged and awoken with body and mind dynamic activities, individual

and in groups. Following that, children get in the magical world of theater, where everything can happen and dreams can come true. The unique opportunity of living the extra-daily in groups allows the kid to overcome shyness and respect the limits of others, building the “us” in a creative and emotional way.


In visual arts, children will experience a very rich set of activities! From the painting in canvas among the trees to the art and crafts and homemade recipes of DIY jelly slime, perfumed dough and biscuit, the little artists will let the imagination fly and creating, reinventing, building... Each one’s identity is valued! And, they will love to get a kit with little pots and the step-by- step of each activity for being able to repeat and share the experiences at home as many times as they want.

Our ECOLOGICAL CYCLE includes a tour around the Botanical Garden: orchidary, evolutive garden, medicinal garden, japanese garden and

permaculture house. We will be guided by professionals in Botanical Science, who will present to us, historically and with practical activities,

the beauty and the importance of our nature. Add to that a permaculture project, moment that children will build a house in a miniature version using natural raw materials. And, of course, there will be the planting of seedlings at the aromatic garden and they will be able to take home the instructions on the workshop. For sure, it will be a very special moment!


The rest time will be after lunch and for that the Nature Library will welcome the kids in a very cozy and special environment full of books,

rubber flooring squares and pillows. So, they can chat with their new friends, take a nap and renew the energy for more play and fun! Talking

about that, the “old school” games join our schedule, games such as tasks circuit, water ballons, treasure hunt and tug of war and so much joy!

For your tranquility and comfort

Interstate traveling bus, safety and comfort for the transfer from Asa Sul, Asa Norte and Lago Sul to the Botanical Garden. Service provided by the Transportation and Tourism Company JAUM.


Beautiful and wooded environment, well prepared to receive people for a safety contact with nature. Aromatic Garden, Tea House, Permaculture House, Playgroung, Japanese Garden, Orchidary, Evolutive Garden, Medicinal Garden and much more!

Balanced and fun meals! The delicious lunch will be prepared by the Chef Sislene Souza and the morning and afternoon snacks, by the competent company BentôKids, known by its healthy and fun food!

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Full time service, with bus departing at 9 a.m. from the first of three stops (Asa Norte, Asa Sul and Lago Sul). The activities will take place from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and parents will be able to pick up their child at the agreed stop until 7 p.m.


What parents say about our last Day Camp

The Day Camp provided by Espaço Arte overcame my expectations. The team is very careful and considers each one’s personal features during the activities development. What pleased us the most was the focus on the development of kids` creativity and artistic side by means of theater, music and dance classes. My son had so much fun!

(Fabiana S. de Arruda, professor, Antonio`s mom)


Joao, age 9, and Alice, age 5, took part in the Day Camp for two weeks and the experience they had was amazing! They danced, painted and had a lot of fun!!! Not mentioning the care and attention they were treated by all the team!

(Juliene de Lima e Silva, bank clerk)


My son, age 9, took part in the Day Camp provided by Espaço Arte in July 2016. Amazing experience!!!!

Davi loves to sing, to dance, to draw, and the opportunity of doing all these activities was incredible. He got to know dance styles that normally he wouldn`t have the interest and he loved it!!!! A very creative and dynamic schedule.

My son experienced a different and fun week vacation!

(Esmeralda M. Fernandes, Davi`s mom)


My daughter, age 4, attended the Day Camp for one week in January and it was so much fun!

Activities with music and dance, as well as painting and drawing, made part of the experiences. A careful and responsible team. I recommend!

(Bianca Trindade, doctor, Lara`s mom)